Sunday, December 7, 2008

taking the challenge.

so i was in the shower about a half hour ago and i was sitting there thinking about the last week and how "ok" it went for me. i was thinking about how when i tell my mom somethings wrong with me, i get a pimple, my neck hurts, or some random thing she always asks me if i'm stressed and my automatic answer is no, why would i be streessed. but as i was in the shower thinking, i think i am stressed and i hate it so much. i think i stress myself out with random thoughts sometimes. now i don't want to put the blame on anyone, but i think if i cut out my electronic lifei would be much less stressed. for one it takes up a large amount of my life, texting, computer, online shopping, phone conversations. so back to the shower scene, so i was like, i should do the scenario the UW app asked about, how would you be if you were "unplugged" for a year.... blah blah blah. so i won't go as extreme as a year but i'm going to challenge myself to no phone computer etc until friday, only cos i need my phone for friday's activities. and see if my stress levels are down. so i guess this will be my only blog for the week.
hopefully ill learn something new this week, find a job i dont know, make myself a whole lot more accomplished in life.
School- get my grades fixed, do homework etc
Fashion club- Fix it up, get it correct. work towards my life goals.
Family- i think i'm neglecting them, i should stop going out
adriana- transform myself overall. get on the positive side of life.
Friends- i need to figure out my situation with them, i still am lost.

i'm 100% sure i need this right now, it's like freedom finally.

so goodbye computer, ill see you next monday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


i haven't updated this blog in foreeeeeeeeever. 2 months or something crazy.
anywhoo, i just want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
I want to give my thanks to everyone that's in my life, was in my life etc because everyone has made an impact on me in one way or another
First on the list is my FAMILY.
even when i say i have the best family in the world that doesn't even match the truth of it all.
my family is truly THEE greatest ever! i've had the luxury to have both parents who love me whole heartedly. i have a little brother and sister and i couldn't be happier with my family. they have given me everything i've needed, and wanted plus more! sometimes i don't seem grateful, but my family is the best and i am SO thankful for them and my extended family as well haha.

Second on the list i am grateful for is my friends
even though i fight with my friends 24/7 i am grateful for them. i know sometimes i might expect too much but i realize no ones perfect, not even me haa. i learn to get over our differences and see that my friends are pretty cool and they're there for me for the most part. i'm glad i have so many friends and i'm blessed with friendships for days!

Third on the list is my life in general
when i say this it's not meant to be cocky but i am thankful for my life because i think i have the best life ever. Everything is in perfect order, i am able to be happy all the time, my family and friends are great and everything is just great.

so happy thanksgivin folks. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


yeah me too, but that's not what i was originally going to talk about.
i'm here to question the roles in friendship and question what is a healthy friendship?
does it consist of happy people, who you think are putting up a front, or does it consist of naggers and BS talkers? i guess it all depends on what type of person you are. but i know one thing its NOT, its NOT breaking down other people to make yourself feel better.
i'm sorry if you have low selfesteem or issues, but to bring that into someone elses is life is just plain RUDE. instead of telling people whats wrong with them because you feel bad and you need to break down a completely happy person so there on your level so you have a friend to complain with is sad. These kind of friendships/relationships shouldn't exist. There's no point, it makes the world a big place of hate and evil when it should be positive with dancing rainbows and unicorns. i just don't know, people are funny now and forever. whatever it takes to get to the top i guess... but my next question is, where is the "top" you speak about?

Back to school special

ahhh, back in school and fully enrolled, how NOT exciting it is to go to school. figure i'd catch up on my life while i wait for Elvin to pick me up...
so basically school sucks, like to the extreme to the billionth power if that made any sense. i'm trying to make the best out of it though because it is my last year of highschool because i'ts supposed to be "magical" and bs. last week school was okay i guess, didn't do much my favorite part of school and retreat friday night with my ASB familiy :) i never thought i could have so much fun playing thee randomest games.
Saturday was football game again Garfield, of course they lost, 32-7. whomp whomp whomp and then school started on monday and its sucked ever since then. feel like i'm just living life to live it and nothing else.
i need to get started on my senior project ideas since mine got SHOT DOWN yesterday. and scholarships and apps are calling, not to mention sat's and act's.
but... ill wait till im ready.
GOLFS TODAY! whoop whoop.
that was the shortest recap of a week i could do.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

good morning senior year

i graduate this year. saying that is so crazy, i remember sitting in ms bertucci's class 7th and 8th grade talking to sonia teresa and elaine and how the thought of driving is ridiculously crazy. me and sonia have started driving and the next step is graduating! To all the people older than me i keep hearing," aww the baby, you're making too much out of your senior year, i already did that, im better than you." i just wanna have fun my senior year okay!? can i live as courtney would say. anywhoo, i'm blogging at 807 am because i guess school doesnt start until 10 and i woke up at 730 to do laundry and now i'm partially ready to go. Senior year has gotta be it! i'm ready, gotta do everything possible. look out for me this year, ill be doin big big big thaaaangs :)
going to go pick up courntey in 40 minutes and its off to school to change my schedule...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


this has been thee BEST summer all of my life, maybe just cos i'm getting older but i dont know, i dont think i could've ever had this much fun in my life, haha okay so i'm making it sound better than it was but that's how you'd compare to the others. i havent' been blogging daily just because i've been busy and i use internet on my phone which does NOT support blogger, boo! but oh well. i went to bumbershoot this last weekend to volunteer saturday sunday and never showed up monday, it was pretty whatever. that was some intense work! haha, not really, just boring. me and takeda had a talk about how we could never have real jobs becasue we coudln't stand being there only after an hour and a half oh starts tommorow! how exciting, not really. i'm goign to be a senior oh shoot, gotta do it big. which reminds me i''m sluffin on my senior pictures which have yet to be scheduled ughhh, anywhoo let me just repost my bulleting on here because i dont feel like retyping out how great my summer really was...
you were the best summer that ever happened to me: RECAP TIME! you brought me:long nights of partying,eventssitting in safeways parking lot @3am,eating dennys cos it was the only thing opentrips to kent constantlynew weirdo friends, && whomp whomp whoooooomp, so much more.summer's been fabulous .....and now back to jail tommorow.... and i still dont have a binder ughhh i guess it's time to get ready for schoool. a phrase i'm oh so keen to using. :(

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

how i'm liviiin.

it feels stupendous. i dont know if i spelled it right, but that's how i'm feelin. just finished purchasing 7 new bags and a bronze bomber coat online and i'm feeling FABULOUS!
i don't think i've ever been so excited for school to happen, not the work but the excitement of senior year. more importantly i need to prepare for bumbershoot this weekend. find me there all 3 days for like 12 hours each day! i'ma volunteer, so fun :) just updating on my life.... and it's as its always been. speaking of which, when does my eyeshadow come in the mail?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


looks like it's that time of the year! this weekend has been the greatest and now i can't wait (yes i can!) till school starts! i loved this summer, it was most definietly my favorite but i'm ready for senior year. spending mass amounts of money was not my favorite thing to do this weekend but what i got in exchange will keep me happy for a while. Splurged today on coats when i went back to school shopping with my family today. 30 bucks isn't that bad for a coat right? it is when you buy 5 of them at one time. i had to have them in everycolor! speaking of which i need to purchase the others online cos they didnt have my size. and big news! i got my phone, it really is a dream come true it has everything you could possibly want. the instinct is thee best! it's been like christmas over here this weekend for me. ooh and bought a make up kit from ULTA today too. spendy spendy. but now i have low funds which means work work work this week! last FULL week of school. can't believe it. :(

Saturday, August 23, 2008


recapping what happened thursday:so again i helped with the little 6th grade monsters, now they're all ready for 6th grade how exciting. worked a bit and then returned to helping children later at night. i had the opportunity to welcome in the new kindergarteners for kimball elementary at their orientation. the little kids were too cute! it made me realized though i DEFINITELY don't wanna work with little kids though. they're very emotional and clingy, ill go for 6th grade and up. yesterday worked all day, i'm gettin PAID!
i will be heart broken if i come home later today without my new phone. my dad's taking me to get it. but we're doing all my favorite things today.
Jamboree for Football which means Foster football players will be having a carwash-CUTIES!!!
and then we're going shopping. how great a day. and of course some hardcore partying tonight since i'ts my last FREE weekend of summer. depressing....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6th grade camp!

so yesterday today and tommorow i'm volunteering my time to help 6th graders familiarize themselves with my old middleschool Asa Mercer (cos i have 0 hours of com service!) It's crazy being back there, i haven't really been back since 8th grade and almost ready to become an adult it's surreal. Meeting new little 6th graders is so refreshing because they haven't been introduced to the real world or to problems, their biggest problem today was probably who gets to the locker first and if they can accomplish actually opening it. I've thought about being a teacher for the last year and working with these 6th graders made me realize how much more i'd be open to the idea if my career in the fashion/business industry didn't work out (which it will!) Funniest part of my day was learning what a Texas wedgie is, why they call it a TEXAS wedgie i dont know, but apparently it's when you drop a match in someones pants and pull up their underwear like a normal wedgie. pure comedy! i'm actually even more excited than today and tommorow to work with the little 6th graders. there's about 80 of them and i've got down almost all their names. community service makes you feeeeel good. i wish i would've started earlier. only one year left :(

New Years eve

Randomly thinking into the future i've decided i HAVE to have a new years kiss, i dont care how i get it but i'm going to get it. right before i turn 18 tooo! planning early you could say. just got home from 6th grade camp! funniest kids ever at Mercer but ill blog more about that later. gotta work from 130 till whenver.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good

my husband is back! mmmm. whatta hottie!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the come up

Dreezy J baby got a new computer and i'm on thee upgrade. now i just need my new phone, ipod and camera and ill be good to go. i'm still bitter about them theives. this screen is so big it almost hurts my eyses. really, 22 inch screen? ridiculous! it's pretty cool though.
i keep not updating this thing! i'm getting so lazy about it. Friday i didn't do much that i sould mention, spent half of the time trying to get my nails done and the other celebrating courtney's birthday which reminds me i have to buy her a present! yesterday everyone was being weaaaak so i kicked it with cousin supreme-o. and that was about it. no elaboration on that part, except that the police were out to get us yet again! but its whatevs.
and today i haven't done anything but clean, i'm still in my pajamas. i found out my good friends going to FIDM too! how fabulous. and uhhh, thats about it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


fresh new hair cut. it seems you can never really tell when i cut my hair, i guess cos there's so much. but when its straight and you were keen to detail you'd tell my hair was cut. it's nice and layer-y. haha. ooh ooh going to the beach with my momma tommorow and swing by thee mall and what not. i'm gonna go sit and watch episodes of tyra and eat fruit snacks. an eventful night. whoooopeeey.

wednesday mornings

today's wednesday right? so i think this is the first bowl of cereal i've had all summer. except the time i had nasty spoiled milk but i guess that doesn't count. spongebob is one funny cartoon. so i work today 2-5 and then i'm getting my hair cut! so danielle told me the other day that we had to take our picture by september 26 and i never believe anything anyone says cos it's usually wrong but she was right! i looked at the school papers and you need to get them done by thee 26th. i'm just losin money left and right over here. not to mention grad ads. i need to shell out 250 dollars for that too. senior year hasn't even started and i already feel i'm negative BROKE. upside; i finally figured out a couple options for my senior project. hopefully one of them works because it's reaaaly coool. haha. now i need to study for SATs and get all this humanity things together! i smell school right around the corner; so depressing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have my instincts.

about thee instinct! this phone is FABULOUS. especially compared to the phone i've had since sophomore year. i'm tooo pumped to get it. only 229.00 i hvae to shell out for this cutie. and i have to change my plan, but it's worth it. the guy in the sprint store let me play with it and i'm hooked. i just pray that when i get it i won't break the screen since it's all touch screen. ooooooooooooooh i'm excited!

august 12th

i got dressed today for no reason. and spent 1.75 on the bus for no reason too! (yeah i'm cheap so what?! ) i'm all dressed and what not, i was tryna kick it. no one informed me tuesday is the day everyone has plans made already day. geez! now i'm sitting at home @ 3 oclcok waitin for someone to kick it with me. i'm debating whether or not to go shopping. i'm cooking dinner tonight. whooop. so i got off the bus today and it was pay as you leave so it was 1 oclock and i asked for a transfer in hopes of me leaving the house again. the bus driver gave me a transfer until 2. i'm pretty sure transfers are supposed to be like 3 hours long. especially because they raised thebus prices....

so i guess i'ma sit here and listen to love songs haha

Monday, August 11, 2008


i'm off to courtney's! went to the doctor today. still cant 'find that eyeshadow!
terribly mad. whomp whomp whomp. thomas leaves thursday

Sunday, August 10, 2008


ooohweeee. slufffin on the internet. hahaah that's a good thing though. mean's i'm accomplishing things in life. today i went through withdrawal issues. but i wont go into details. this weekend was okay, nothing exciting. didn't go to the party friday in fear of my life (whats wrong with the world!) so kicked it in kent and kicked it in kent again on saturday night and seen one of the funniest movies ever. pineapple express is a must see! so hurry up and go see it! watching the olympics at home. backstroke competition! going to bed early so i can wake up and work. need the cash for my stash.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rest in Peace

It's horrible to think another life has been taken.
when i heard about it i was devastated, it gets closer and closer to home each time and i pray theirs no more deaths because i feel like it just keeps getiting closer and closer to home. i know i didn't know you personally but i always thought it was funny when i'd see you on the bus and 80 percent of the time you'd never pay bus fare and bus drivers would be so brittle about it. Went to middle school with you but we weren't friends. i just knew about you cos you was around i guess. it breaks my heart just for the family and friends who were close to you. rest in paradise with the numerous others who have lost their lives the past year.
my heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones


so going into the vacation i was thinking- oh man, this is going to be the longest 3 days of my life- dont get me wrong, i looove mi familia but we are a bunch of crazy people with crazy personalities that don't always get along all too welll. but it ended up beinga prettty funny trip down to the ocean. we ended up staying an extra night (supposed to come home yesterday) but it was all gravy. met some new people and i learned that i could never live in a small city like that, everyone knows everyone and there are no parties! mass ridiculous. i rode my first motorcycle type vehicle this weekend too! my families learned to get along better. sad thing, i got food poisioning or somethign last night and it's lasted into today, all bad.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Covergirl cosmetics

this right here is goign to be the death of me, i was reading a magazine a couple of months ago and i was EXCITED to see my favorite rainbow colors in an add for covergirl. yeaaaah, i'm pretty much a girly girl and i DO love dressing up and looking prettty. so i just HAVE to have these eyeshadows. these are part of their new line of eye enhancers, arent they just so cute! problem is i can't find them anywhere and ever since i seen them in the magazine i can't find the tropical fusion (on top) anywhere! i've been patiently waiting and i realized rite aid has these buy one get one free and they're only 5 bucks! that means 2 of these cute things for 5 bucks but they don't have them in stock. these are going to be the death of me, i can't find you anywhere! i'm determined to find them though. i got a rain check and everything :) ill start wearing cute eyeshadow and dressing up more once i get these!


so it CLEARLY says a place for FRIENDS, not enemies, hoes, ego boosting, or cyber bullying. i think myspace has completely gone out of control! i'm not anti myspace, i could never be because i log on a bunch. but i tell you one thing, i am NOT on myspace to add 10 billion people i dont know. i do admit ill accept a friend request even if i dont kow you, i dont know it's just whatever to me. nothinge super personal about me and ill be your acquaintance if you want to be. but i HATE people who have a myspace they have 12034 friends but on their page they have the audasity to say "dont add me if you're not going to comment me, my billions of pictures, or if you're a stupid hoe" HAHA i'm confident 80 percent of those people are 1 or the other. i dont think it's very healthy either when people NEED picture comments! yeah sure their nice and i'll admit i've said i have new pictures, usually cos they're funny or something interesting but i dont personally send a comment to each person on my friends saying COMMENT MY NEW SEXY PIC( & not because i dont have any haha) myspace has gone balistic. this isn't a hate on myspace, i love myspace i've found my old bestfriends and kept in contact but people who "whore" myspace's are just annoying and their profiles they write be so bitter at the world. why would i want to be your friend and feed into your large built up ego about yourself. i dont need to put any person i DONT know on a pedestal. alll bad. just another observation. but i do applaud those who have cute pictures! aint nothing wrong with tryna have a cute profile and cute yaself up for some myspace photos :)
ooh another thing i've noticed, alot of older adult couples and OTHERs have met on myspace. i've met people on myspace but i think i'm kind of old fashioned and think it's kind of odd to talk to someone online (yeah its fine) but then make a date and go out or go to their house or something to that affect. i guess i'm not up to date with modern civilization. i think i was born in the 50s or something :) sorrry boys.

growing up

i'm not up on the computer buzz lately... beeen pretty out the looop.
i've come to the realization summer's changed me, i think i'm growin up. i've noticed my flaws, i'm trying to cope with em and change myself for the better even if i dont want to. it's kind of hard, stick to what i stand for and stop trying to do what others want me to do.
i'm learning to become more independent-
you dont want to kick it? that's fine i can go out on my own and have fun.
you won't ask a question for me? that's coo, ill stand up and possibly embarass myself.
you think what i'm doing is wrong? that's also coo, that's why i'm doing me and learnign from my mistakes. ill learn eventually, dont worrry sweetie :)

and a big accomplishment i'm trying to reach is to be more openended and stop"judging" my friends. if you're reading this and don't know me, dont worry i'm not rude or stuck up... i'ma coo kid go look at my myspace! haha. but this is to my friends, i keep watchingtalk shows(tyra!) and i see so many episodes of others judging eachother and it has harsh effects on others self esteem. so to my friends, i'm sorry, truly am. ill try REAL hard to stop crucially judging you for what you do and who you are cos i know i wouldn't someone on me like that. i'm just tryna look out for you, i dont want my bestfriends to be down and out because of soemthing i could've possibly prevented. ill stop! promise. :) well ill try....

AND last one is i'm trying to find my heart... i seem to not have one, or so i've been told. i won't brush stuff off so much. i'm not gonna wear my heart on my sleeve but if it's necesarry i might show you i have a heart and i DO care.... i dont know whats wrong with me, i just dont emotionally attach myself to anythingliving. i just CANT. ill try to open my heart and not my mind or mouth so much.

lets see what happens with all of this....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

oh well.

so i'm supposed to blog everday on here, well that's my goal and i haven't been keeping up for a few days just because of my teeth and because i'm trying (once again) to avoid myspace as much as possible just cause i feel like it brings unwanted drama which i do not need nor want.
life has hit a dull point, a very long flat point where there's nothing to do. i want to have fun and be happy, that's EXACTLY what i live for. but no one else seems to be living for a similar thing therefore there's nothing to do. i love my city but it's kind of boring. by 10 oclock everyone's in there house ready to go to bed and this is a saturday night! & it's sad because i'm too young to hit the club, only 7 more months though and im on it! there isn't really a point to this blog as you can tell, just catchin up with life's thoughts. i have a lot of thoughts but feelings are scarce. i'm starting to wonder why. i'm trying to tweak my life you know, start caring about people and not end up saying oh well to every bad situation i encounter. i guess it's my coping mechanism- "OH WELL." oh well.... see there i go again. my goal for the end of the year is to find my heart.... well its in my chest i'm just going to find it some feeling... or maybe i'm just saying this because i've hit the dul point of the summer. we'll see how i feel in a week or so. i switch up alot. i'm off to go find something to do with my life for now.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

home sweet home

aaaahh these last 2 days have been ridiculously horrible! i' haven't experienced pain like this in a bout a year, crazy. toothaches are the worst.but i'm back home and back in action. i spent 4 hours at the dentist and after 24 shots 5 cylinders of anesthetic a panic attack and 7 xrays my tooth is fixed! and i never wanna go back.
weekends upon us and i'm ready to party. like, really party! i'm mad, lately i havent experienced a good party. all bad, hopefully this weekend will be better.
oh yeah, a photo from my day-

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


senior year has finally come and graduation requirements tell you that you need 60+ hours of community service to graduate. as of now it looks like i'm not graduating seeing how i have ZERO community service hours. that sounds so bad because i haven't donated any of my time i use doing a whole lot of nothing to a good cause. so i dont know if it's necesarrily a good cause but i signed up to volunteer for bumpershoot, you get a free tshirt possible tickets and hey! i get to meet new people, something i love to do. i guess it'll be a great experience i hope. i'm excited!
i think i'm finally figuring out life, and how i can't be selfish, i'm lending myself to bigger and better things now. :)
summer's worked wonders on me.

1.50 cheesecake day

pay 1.50 tommorow for a slice of cheesecake at the cheesecake factory. special 30 year anniversary or something. this is cheaper than their drinks there, enjoy! :)



another day working 8 hours or something. little kid's are the funniest thing ever, good people to be around cos they don'tworry about anything except the 5 minutes they have to wait for their next turn. so i was going through my phone and showing them all th epictures i have and they said the funniest things about people ever you would've never thought. i remember there was something i was going to say on here but i forgot. my tooth is hurting sooo bad right now, i have to wait till next week to get it fixed, that's weaaak. tommorow i'm going to get cheesecake at the factory! i hate cheesecake. i had a dream that made me jump up and scream out of bed about an hour ago, a squirrel was jumping on my face, crazzzy. okay nothin important. i'm going to read about all the bans in seattle we're acquiring next year

Monday, July 28, 2008

boys boys boys boys

i've never been a boy crazy type girl and i have my friends to thank for that. they have all the luck! haha boy problems and all, i've probably talked to at least 5 girls today with boy problems. i cant count all of them, yeaup 5. sometimes i can't believe how much time they spend worying about petty boys. but then i can see why they're caught up in the fascination with them, they're quite intersesting sometimes and when you find the right one its always a joy. i remember i said i wanted something like that but talking to all these females makes me remmeber why i'm happy RIGHT where i'm at. alone, happy, doing me and being FABULOUS. :) sorry to all you girls out there who are major stressin over some guy. just remember, do what makes YOU happy, no one else. :)
peaaaace and love and fabulosity for all

something you should know

so i'm sitting here doing some summer reads about fashion currently reading the VOGUE:beauty book and i came across something interesting i didn't know about different types of perfume we all love to wear so we smell good for thee opposite sex. 4 types of perfume scents

1st type: PERFUME- between 15 and 40 percent of the bottle is pure fragrance oils. in 15 minutes 20 percent of the scent is gone in 45 minutes 30 percent is gone and 50 percent stays on all day

2nd type: EAU DE PARFUM- between 7 and 14 percent is pure fragrance oils. in 15 minutes 40 percent is gone 45 minutes 30 percent is gone and 30 percent stays on all day

3rd type: EAU DE TOILETTE- between 3 and 10 percent is pure fragrance oils in 15 minutes 50 percent is gone in 45 minutes 30 percent is gone and 20 percent stays on all day

4th type: EAU FRAICHE- betwen 3 and 7 percent is pure fragrance oils. in 15 minutes 60 percent is gone and in 45 minutes 40 percent is gone, none left all day.

so basically the more you spend on perfume the better quality (of course) and the less times you have to reapply a day, leaving you smelling good all day.

just a little bit of knowledge i thought i'd share, stop being so cheap! lavish yourself in expensive perfumes, it'll go a long way!

so not a summer event

worked and went to the doctors with my momma. i got to meet superman and look at vericose veins. i went to the dentist and wasted my time. i go there with a toothache so i tell them wassgood and the dentist tries to blame my toothache on the fact that i dont floss everyday when clearly i got my tooth filled a couple weeks ago and you didn't fil it in right. they didn't do anything and i'm sitting here with a bad tooth ache, and a possible rootcanal ready tooth.
lovely times of summer. found out i'm on vaca this weekend, whooop! even though danielles tryna be bitter that i'm not here for her birhtday haha. :)

Working in the daycare

working in the daycare today. well i'm doing it right now, 9 to 3. kids are taking naps. i remmember when i wsas five and i used to fight with the teacher everday about how i didn't want to sleep and they always told me when i get there age i'd want that nap, i'm not her age yet and i wish i could nap with them! shoulda listened.
after work traveling to the dentist, i have a feeling i'ma need another root canal i wish my dentist wasnt so horrible.
good side is my dentist is right next to southcenter, possible shopping i think.
i made a list of everything i need to replace in order of importance
wallet, camera, ipod. if anyone's tryna sell hit me!
i'm still bitter about the whole situation.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Worst Weekend

is definitely and overstatement but this weekend was just not the fun exciting filled one i planned last weekend.
this is how the weekend started attended my GREAT friend kenneths going away party, yellow party didn't do anything and everyone was having a great time. we had jack in the box before and it was doing me no justice. had to go home early because SOMEONE decided to smoke in the party and they were beefin so it got shut down. WEAKWEAKWEAK. but i got to see some ex-franklin kids :)
this picture was the beginning of a very long and boring night,
torchlight decided to start around 8 oclock so i never seen any of the parade because we wanted to leave nice and early, avoid the beef and get to this party that was promised to be the best house party ever!

Upside: i got about 3 starbucks drinks for 60 cents. and i spent 20 bucks at oldnavy for about 10 outfits, i got deals on the spending. didnn't see many people downtown at torchlight. or i dont pay atttention. so we got it to my house to get ready for this party whoopo whoop swoop koko and started our false mission. went to sea tac for a party, i've never seen so many people at a house party in my life, all up and down military road cars were parked whompwhomp couldn't find parking, got in the house to find out my car was illegally park, possibly a tow away! so i go out to move the car around the block behind motel 6 come back and i witness gunshooting. i'm glad ididn't pay for the party i woulda been hot about the 2 minutes i spent in the house. i heard it was crackin though, but we can never show up o ntime, police was beeefin last night. tried to hit up anohter party that also got shut down and police was hawkin. ended up at home by 2. all in all 3 parties that were shut down. and i was mad about it. false mission weekend. never again.

&&today was probably the best out of the weeekend. went to pista sa nayon seen everyone from the community! filipino drill team is so goood! i love watching them perform. :)

oh but i forgot, saturday and friday visited the nicest mall in the northwest! southcenter's open and i plan on working 40 hours this week to shop till i drop next weeekend !i'm so excited :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

another weekend

went to a party last night, it was coo. kenneth's and sylvester's going away party it was cooo coo. seen everyone from previous times in the day. always wanna fight after parties so it was whatever. i'm sitting here gettin ready to leaaaaave to the mall. we went yesterday and it was soo nice, you enter and it's like you don't even know you're at southcenter. going back today maybe i can shop, yeah right so many people everywhere. find something cute to wear, torchlights tonight and party after, what what!

Friday, July 25, 2008

FASCINATING? reallyy....

so i seen this on a couple of females myspace while i was cruising through one boring day and it just made me laugh. is this what they think of them selves? it should say, true story: i can't spell i'm not even going to lie. it's funny when you put stuff up and you don't even know how to spell the word, i mean its one thing to have a typo while you're writing i do it all the time but to take a picture that's spelled wrong makes me laugh, and then you wanna front like you really are FASCINATING. hahaha btw, fascinating has a C in it. :)

early morning pimp

haha that song title by kid rock makes me laugh, anywhoo i'm up bright and early today. got things to do people to see money to make! just jumped out the shower feelin fresher than a MF with my good shoes on, but i dont have shoes on. i'm only online because i have to write about my dream because it waws SOOO good i dont wanna forget. this was probably the best dream i've ever had. so we were at summer jam mindin our own business playin around that being me and courtney and the setup ressembled that of seward park's little ampitheater. and i'm sittin there with this cute outfit and then i see ludacris performing he walks through the grass and comes to me, he picks me up and is carrying around while singing (i dont know what song) and then he comes over to some chick who's taking a bunch of pictures. he carried around and we took photos. then later thomas popped out the blue and courtney and me were kickin it with chris brown on the grass. tell me this was NOT a good dream, best ever. ludacris is soo fine. okay bout to get dressed and ready to cut out.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


that's my brother, he's really annoying. matter of fact we just got into it about 10 times today. he's the only one that makes me look like i really need to go to anger management or jail. someting about him that makes me and him start fist fighting in the store while groceryshopping with momma.
you're like 11 or 12 today. happy birthday child. hopefully in the future we'll get along, but thatll be when you grow up so i'ma have to wait till i'm like 50. speaking of 50 you owe me 50 bucks. happy birthday punk!
love your fabulous big sister,
follow in my footsteps kid. haha

i just realized

people read eachothers blogs, i dont knwo because they just wanna be nosey or they really do care about what people think. but daaang i dont know if i want the whole world reading what i write, cos for one i'm not the best writer, (i dont even like writing) and two, i talk about pointless things. hahaah but i'm being a hypocrite right now becasue i just posted a bulletin on my myspace saying READ MY BLOG. haha stupid blog right here. i just want you people to read some of this stuff, not everything. but the stuff i want you not to read is what you'll go to first

Black in America

So i was trying to eat my dinner in peace and my dad started harassing me and my brother to come watch this tv show called black in america, i seen the commercials for it and it seemed interesting and i wasn't doing anything better so i decided towatch some tv with my pops. i didn't understand the big idea they were trying to back up except black in america but i did hear some interesting facts.

1.A black person applying for anytype of job has the same chance of getting the job as if he were a white male who was fresh out of jail which leads them to my number 2
2. black people have a 10 unemployment rate which is double that of white men
3. 1 in 3 (30%) of black men will end up having a police record by the end of their life
4.more than half of black males won't finish highschool and of those dropouts 60 percent of them will end up behind bars most drug related crimes
5.60 percent of black kids don't have a father around
6. and the last fact i caught was 2/3 of the reports made on black people on television are related to crimes while only 1/3 of the reports of whites are related to crimes.

interesting show with lots of eyeopening stuff to watch.
comes on cnn at like 8 on i think fridays but i'm not positive. look out for it!

i've been de-womanized!

so as i get ready to leave i always have this time when i stand infront of my closet and pick outwhich purse i want to wear with my outfit and now i can't even do it! i have so many cute purses but the only tihng i have to put in there is a phone and a paper license(still waiting for my hard copy) this is real depressing. i dont even have a wallet to carry. going comando today. hahaa purse wise of course.


this is probably one of the weirdest things i've ever seen. so i ws going to the tyra to send tyra my letter and i came across one of her topics and youtube'd the videos on it. this is some crazy stuff. watch the first video and the second video is the tape of them "making love" wow, people find the oddest things to arouse them...


i'm blown away by this, i dont even know what to say

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i don't want to sound all emotional

but i think it's time for mr right.
or atleast mr right NOW.

i was never into the whole idea of finding a boyfriend, or KEEPING one,
just having "boo's" friends and all that's inbetween oh and i can't forget the people with the perks. hahaha i loved them kind
i think i'm ready to take my life in a different direction. its summer time anyways.
whats the worst that could happen?
i'm not selling my soul...
...well i dont plan on it :)


so i posted yesterday about how i needed to stop touching my face. PROOF- i got a pimple on my cheek, haven't had one of these in a whiillleee.

so all the birthday's coming up makes me remember how i wanted to be a party planner, i still do but all the tv shows on the style network make me nervous about trying the field out. i can't be responsible if yo'ure party sucks even though i'm supposed to. :)

oh yeah, my brothers birthday's tommorow too.
all these birthday's and no money for gifts
looks like everyones getting the gift of my love.
i hope those theives choke and die on whatever they used my money to buy!

Name associations

so today was a pretty simple same old same old day. worked in the daycare from 9 to 5 blahblahblah. did nothing much, kids are c r a z y. i actually dont remember anything i did today. except i just got done watching about 5 hours of tyra shows, i'ma write her a letter so ican be on her tv show. the last episode i watched was about name association and they had picked out 5 names and asked a panel to describe what they think when they hear the names, the names were jose deedrika ashleigh sajid and thuy something. people were so bitter on the tv show that they would say such stereotypical things about each name, ghetto hood rat, dishwasher, terrorist and white slut but what's funny about it is that all of the stuff they said is true about the stereo types, i bet there's not one person out their that didnt think one of those things about the names. but anywhoo i'm pumppped for this weeekend!
friday off to kent for who knows what and then party at night! and i can't forget it's mister D-TRICK's birthday haha.
and saturday's torchlight and some more parties, plan on being out all night spending the night at the homies house, whompwhompwhomp. an overall good weekend, or so i hope. lets just hope no ones hurt cos i'm tired of people dying!

i'm out, boutta go paint my toes rainbow and help courtney and danielle plan birthday weekends for these hoes! whooop.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i need

some waterproof mascara, i love the mascara i have but it's not waterproof.
and i also need to stop touching my face.

bought some lipgloss today, well my momma did since i got no mooolah.
ughh, how depressing- so i want to visit the new mall friday but i'm bussaaay.

July 21, 2008

so it was supposed to be the best day ever! well not really, i was just supposed to have fun at wildwaves and i did. token me and peka did everything in the park. it all went bad when we came back out the park and found out the car was broken into. i'm super bitter because my stuff was the only thing touched in the car, they left everything else but my stuff, which is good, but still! they took all my stuff and my debit card. too bad i had no money in it. Federal way police are good for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, they couldn't do anything at all. i really want to find the theives. they charged 93 cents at a gas station, wow. well if you're out there reading this i hope you get hit by a train! takin my stuff, i'm crazy if i ever find you you're over. so i spent my whole day getting a new license and re opening my debit card. why i went to the rainier DOL office i dont know because i waited 3 hours for them to tell me i couldn't even get my license redone without my parent. so i visited the renton one and i got everything done in 45 minutes. i hate everyhtin on rainier, not to mention certain people! anywhoo, now i've gotta work extra so i can stack up cos right now i have 83 cents in my pocket and my new license. WEAAK.
i'm just ready for the weeekend so i can party.

Monday, July 21, 2008

another weekend in $$$eattle

another weekend down, summer weekend, how depressing. i had an okay amount of fun. i dont remember what i did on friday, there's probably a blog about friday on here so iwont mention much. saturday went to the bite of seattle with the usuals. "it's the bite, we go to BITE food." hah the funny stuff i hear. so good news is no one i know of was shot or killed saturday night after the bite, isn't that great. the bite ws pretty weak though, just a bunch of people and hot food and weather, it was whatever. we travelled to KENT to kick it with some weirdos for the night. decided to run through some sprinklers and wanted to take a dip in the apartments pool at 2 in the morning. haha comedy. so we did cartwheels and doughnuts in burger kings parking lot, they probably have footage of us actin retaaaarded. and i met 3 odd children, one who wanted to fight with me about the weather another who was keepikn me entertained fist fighting with token and another lightskinned boy who's crazy. haha.

today woke up feliz cumpleanos to my brother, whoop whoop party party and then headed tot he china town parade for more seattle events. seen my friends perform, good job guys and now i been at home since 10 watching iceroad truckers. tommorows wildwaves, i need a good tan hopefully its hot and the rides work or i'll be BITTER!

so i'm feeling

this weird feeeling. you know i'm not one to be emotionally touched but recently i was! it was crazy. from one person's opinion it changed my perspective and whole outlook on life. it's crazy how people come into your life at a specific time and they usually have a specific purpose in your life. i've known you for a very short amount of time but the stuff you said to me was so deep and awkward i think i understand myself a whole lot more. thanks, we should come in contact more often sir.

thanks to you J.wallington!

Friday, July 18, 2008

happy friday?

so i never was a big fan of the dude named T.I but i've been sitting around the house all day and ik realized he's not that bad of a dude. his new song he has, no matter what, is actually good. i see positive in it somewhere. and i was watching MTV jams or whatever it's called and his number one rule is BEFORE YOU BEEF CONFRONT THE SOURCE. i like that rule i guess i should take his advice and confront the source if i ever beef with someone. it's 99.5 % of the time silly stuff anyways. but yeah, props to you T.I you've become another person i can tolerate a little more, now only if i could work on a FEW more people. so lets see i'm sittin here watching FAB 5 on MtV jams or whatever. catching up on my videos. just finished making cookies with baby girl. the summer really is turning me into a housewife. i should be out playing golf with my husband but it slipped my mind and my parents will beeeeeef if i leave tonight and not come back at all tommorow. ill just wait. boys are nothing but nasty grimey messes. well the ones on myspace. and the ones at all the events. but let me NOT start on about that one. so tonight looks like i'm layin back maxin and relaxin with my family. joy joy joy.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

stayin cute like i do

johnny is the most gentle man i know, swear. he has the touch of a feather or something soft and light like that. haha amazing! anywhooo, today was just the usuals wake up aggitated. cleaned my room did some laundry and waited for my momma's arrival. i feel bad because i was supposed to go with moni to get her tatoo and hang out with christine today cos she's leaving and neither of the plans went through. so i went and got my nails done after i got off work. dont you hate when youre wearing a cute outfit and no where to go! ahh thee worst. anywhoo, what else is there came home cooked dinner for my momma and the rest of the crazy people at my house. and now i'm sitting here wanting to do something but i dont feel like getting ready to go or anything. hmmm, i made taco's which reminds me i owe kenneth and sabella both taco's. tommorow i work that 9-5 and stay cute like i do. hahah ooh lemme recap yesterday!!! so i went shopping yesterday at nordstrom rack and spent 40 bucks. i got a cream colored northface jacket and a vest thingy! whooop steal, i was pumped. as i drove home i noticed how dirty the car was and the bite and torchlihgt are coming so of course you can't stunt in a dirty car. i took it to vaccum it out and washed it all nice and pretty. i made my devil of a brother help me. hahah the pictures show us with the newly washeed car.

the summer is turning me into quite th elittle housewife all this cleaning and cookin and caring. too bad i dont have a husband to be a housewife for hahahaha. sike!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Number one faker of the day is the
don't you hate when people front to supposedly get ahead? this is one of the biggest pet peeves of mine. like really? you're not that great so you have to fake it till you make it? this is one of those times you DONT fake it til you make it cos you'll never make it, and if you do you have no substance to you're life. i dislike people who front about what they do. why do you lie about what you do?! if you have no job, say it then cos i'm no one to tell you about yourself, reffering to the other blog, at the end of the day its about YOU not worrying about what people think of you but what you think of yourself. like really why are you lying to me? it don't do ntohing for me for you to lie it just puts a false image in my head about you and i can probably tell and won't care for you. and i hate people who act like they're so much better than they are, yeah i'm up for the whole, boost my self-confidence but not in that way, especially if its in a negative way. this also mixes in with the person who can talk a whole lot but in the end can't back it up, and around me it's crazy because it's never anything positive, it'll be about gang affiliation being in a gang, bout to fight someone or anything ultra violent. you and everyone you know knows you're not about to do anything, you aint got no gun you won't fight no one and if you do you're stupid cos you're lifes over. people believe they're so hard but when it comes down to the real situation you flead and run your mouth some more. people like this need a good hit to the face and a few punches and maybe theyll quit actin so tough.
another imposter who is probably the most sneaky one is the
and this is their fultime job, if you put in so much effort to copy why dont you just put in the effort to do the work and learn something huh? this is the kid who always try to get ahead in class by lying and what not. kids like that who have beter grades than me but do less work, cheat lie and copy deserve no love! but then i realize that when you're grown youll realize that you don't have nothing going for you. i know cheatin because you didn't study for the test once in a while is coo, we all do it! but changing your grades, lying to the teacher andall that is WEAK. i be so brittle about the situation when i see kids do it. and i need to get away from it before i slowly sink into that mind set that it's okay.
my last imposter i dislike is the follower. this person can't think for their own, can't function alone and thinks they're a screw up if they don't have anyone around. these are the worst kinds because if you leave them around someone who has a little more self confidence it'll be like 2 replicas of one person. what happens when the person with self confidence leaves you and you have noting left for yourself? you can't go an cling on to someone else, well i mean you can and that's probably what you'll do but still its bad. i can see if you're new and need friends, but to fit in you do everything the same way someone else does, it's a little creepy. what makes me sad is when i knew someone for a long time and i know them now and they're completely different from back then. change is good, identity theft not so much. can you please stop copyin peoples moves because more than likely the pesron you aspire to be like isn't even that great! and now there's t2 more dead beats in the world to add to a collection. you're just not cute when you do al that, and you just want more negative attention. people will start to not like you if they haven't already.
so this one has nothing to do with fakers but i thought i might as well add it in. don't you hate when people try to tell you about yourself?! people always got something to say but it can't ever be nothing positive. it's happend to me a few times but sometimes it's just too much. people who are caught up in others lives so much they don't have one themselves. don't come at me with the "you don't know nothing phrase" most likely i know alot more than you do and you tryna find something out over here and thats why you came up to me. this is in connection with the first type of imposter i wrote about. people who are hard get so brittle when you ask them what they're really boutta do and they hit you with the "you dont know nothing, you're not hart" excuse me!? if it comes down to it, we can go at it right now. but that's just the angry bitter person that probably lives inside all of us. hahaah. i unleashed mine for 2.5 seconds, you won't see it in a real long time cos i'm smarter than that to fightg and throw stuff away. im headed to the top remember?

oh yeah, and people be so concerned whether or not blogs be about them, FYI sweetheart, this AINT about you. it' sjust observations i've made throughout scandals and fights and everything else highschool kids be beefin about. only one more year left! i'ma miss these kids soon haha.

signed sealed delivered

never show your weakness

i was never taught to never show your weakness but over 17 years of my life i've learned to never show that you're weak or vulnerable. For one, you get no respect because people don't think you can handle the truth and also because once people know you're weak they have no mercy and will go in for the kill to take you down. Besides, it's just not cute to cry over everything that happens in the world. I'm glad that i was raised in a GREAT home with great everything to where i dont have to have so many worries because worries show weakness. As i get older, reaching almost 18 whoop!, my mind starts to wonder about the big questions of life- will i get into college, will i find a successful job, will i BE successful, will i find someone to love me, and if i do have kids will they be like me, or atleast raised like me cos that'd be perfect! i know i shouldn't worry about so much of these things because i am only 17 but people keep bugging me about life! one end says what are you doing in the future? you're going to be an adult in less thana year wheres your plans at adriana?! and the other half tells me its okay to not know anything, not do anything for yourself because it'll come around eventually which is not OK it shows me what i dont want to be. always fight for what you want and aint no one near me showing me enough of this fighting power. i dont live in the worst neighborhood ever where i cant walk out the house after dar, but it's not the best place in the world i've shared my number of gunshots up the street from where i'm at or those annoying "hood" kids on the bus tryna fight him her me and everyone else but i wont get into those stories. So i realize where i'm at there's nothing but a bunch of people who are growing up to be nothings and as they say you are only as good as the friends you surround yourself with and i know these people aren't my friends but i see them around so much it's like i do know them. i could probably tell you a stroy about alot of the people in my neighborhood. I hate how at school i'm taught do good so you can get into a ivy league college you'll go places but when i hear about those uppity butt rich kids it's like DANG, im smart but they beat me to all the schools just because where they went. it's hard to keep pushing up to be the super genius i am when all i see around me are people who dont care. it's like they know their predestiny. they're not going to college, half of em don't even go to school! so i think it's okay because most the people look well off without the college education. but despite this whole blog, i know my destination, and it's somehwere at the top. the top may not come for a long while just because i'm making lots of pitstops on the way, traveling, extreme schooling and everything else. but i'ma get there, and my motto i 've adopted for the summer will now be my life motto "do what makes you happy" so everyday i'm going to do what makes me happy, no matter what it is. i hear some inspiring things throughout the day and one chick said at the end of the day it's all about you, now whether or not you did something to someone else (help or harm) it's how you feel about what you did during the day at the end. if you feel bad about someting you commited it's still about you cos you have to learn how to cope with what you did and viceversa. so today i'ma go do something that makes me happy, help a friend out, go to the beach find someone to play golf with me. i dont know, but i know i can't surround myself with unaccomplished, unwilling people.

i only let my weakness out once in a blue mooon, and look i think it's a full moon this week =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

doctor doctor!

today i took a lovely trip to the doctor to check out my iron levels. i never knew eating beef would effect my iron levelsl. the doctor was suppper nice and what not. then i drove my mom to her doctor appt which was right afer mine. her appt took like an hour to finish and while there i had an eye opening experience. so i was siting there and these two older people were sitting close to me and just started talking, i guess they were just friendly like that and it was hard NOT to ease drop on the convo. so the two people were over 80. they talked about the first penecillin shot and everything. the man did everything possible, he was a doctor and taught the doctors who now help him with his medical issues. and he had flown 300 million miles. ridiculous on the account that i've never stepped foot in a flying airplane. lifes crazy, watching the livelyness in the elderly people in the doctors office made me want to help older people becaue they make you realize and remember why you live life. they're really positive tooo compared to 30 yr old people visitiing the doctor, they're fiesty like my momma.

Monday, July 14, 2008

zoo trip

today was a loooooooong day.
visited the zoo worked in the daycare and shopped.
all i have to say is, lifes an interesting thing

Sunday, July 13, 2008

weeekend recapsss

i always here boys are nothing but trouble but today i'm on the guys trouble. girls are the real trouble, they make guys into bad people because they're so manipulative. right now, i'm feelin bad for the dudes, well not bad just lkike dang, sometimes you got it rough with these keniving(sp) females. they are soo manipulative. let me stop before i start.

i didn't update yesterday, too busy. so i got some good reads from half price books, i love that store! and then visited kent cornucopia with the crew. uhh so everyone pumped it up like it was going to be crackin and it really wasn't. you get kicked out the carnival if you sag or spit, what kind of rules are those?! anywhoo, then went to lb's party, happy birthday kid! && then seen some fights in his yard and cut out to get some eats. it was just an a okay weekend. just got home from 711 and i swore someone stole my car, it was about to be over. and now this blog is. zoo tommmorow!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I heart summer

i'm back from the day's adventures. and now i'm sitting here watching PM dawn's set adrift on memory bliss video. very tropical, soul channel makes me wanna go sit on a beach and tan all day, what a coincidence thats what i did today. i have a fatty tan and it's good cos i was a pastey white mixed kid. i watched clueless today too. that's the cutest movie evaaaa. slurpee's tanning spending time with my fatty and chick flicks and a trip north is all in a days worth of summer time.
tommmorow, kent cornucopia (sp?) birthday party oooh and book hunting
did i mention i don't owe the library 80 dollars anymore?! only 10 :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

free slurpees!!!

freee slurpee day today.whoooop :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh you myspace

what would the world do without myspace?
there would be no messy females, out in the public so much
therewouldn't be publicity for upcoming events
and there wouldn't be a place for every boy who can make a couple dr seuss rhymes have a chance to be some famous rapper or let them think that.

mmmm, i went shoppping at northgate alone today because someone greeezed me. it was refreshing. haha i blew my caaaashh but it feels good, fresh outfits for days

everyone's supposedly going to wildwaves tomoorow.
kent cornucopia's this weekend., sounds good.,

i'm gonna finish laying on this couch playin xbox

callin all cool kids

if you like dressin nice & havin the flyest clothes ever shop today and you can get 20% of your entire purchase, that's like no tax and an extra 10% off. well not just today, all your first purchases are 20% off and all after that are 10% off just type in this code everytime you checkout.
no, there's no strings attached or anything, i'm just tryna help you broke foo's out! :)

here's the code : AN24002

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


life realization
my life is revolving around watching the tyra show twice aday and i really get mad when its a rerun i've already seen. oh no, i'm catching the summer blues disease. i need to go to the lbrary tommo so i can get rid of my library fine of 80 bucks. i wanna go shopping tommorow, but i've been greazed. i bought an SAT book and i haven't even opened it yet. Adriana stop slacking on life, it'll become a habit! i'd tell someone to come rescue me but i'd loook helpless. ill rescue myself, tommorow,. i promise.
summer fling? that was the topic on the tyra show. every woman should have a few, does that count if i'm not a woman? i dont want a boy in my life, they want too much, i want too much i just wanna party and not worry about someone elses where-abouts. i think i love like a guy, which in turn isn't love. haha.
oh & i'm bitter i din't get my grey's anatomy season today, i couldn't figure out what season it was i needed.wchi is what i need to do RIGHT NOW. b u t i got a cute top and a scarf thing today. maybe ill look cute tommorow just cos. whoooooop :)
okay tyra's on in 12 minutes, my life revolves around tv cfku!
oh and i'm going to work for the CFDA when i grow up, i decided.

you ever have one of them days

where it seems like it lasts forever.
you have nothing to do & so you sit
in the house for the whole day
my allergies are killing me right now
i think i'm going to watch
tyra and kimora on the tv
hopefully ill do sometihng with my life tomo

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

random blog about absolutely nothing

dime why today was officially boring. i think it was the first boring day of my summer, i hope it's not a habit. it shouldn't be, with work and uhhhh, shopping and uhh, more shopping. speaking of shopping, going tommorow after the dentist. how weak. well the dentist part. anywhoo, nothing to blog about today. i'm working on my grown woman blog right now but i have writers block due to this morning's mishap. geez the efffing a button keeps sticking on this keyboard. weak. nywys. SEE! effing A butons okay i think i fixed it. lets see, adriana is so awesomely awesome. yaaay, i fixed it. anywhooo. tyra comes on at 12, hopefully it'll cheer me up. ahhh.

Monday, July 7, 2008

this was such a good survey

i had to make it a blog & post it on here. all you blogereee's if you wnat to know the real me, well read on. :) oooh.

Do you like the person you are becoming?
i really do! i'm changing for the better. sometimes i think "maaaan, it'lll be different" but like mr eaton said.... even though i despise that man.

Has anyone ever called you perfect before?
they call certain things about me perfect. i think a few have called me perfect. that was before 2008. but hey, no ones perfect and i'm on this trip about do what makes you happy. and perfection doesn't always make me happy sir.

Did anybody ever call you beautiful?
yeah. everyone deserves a good compliment.
haha but when i get it, it's when someone wants something!

Someone knocks on your window at 2 am, who do you want it to be?
no one because i'm on 3rd floor and it's impossible to get there so i'd be freaaak'dout! but if it was possible, i'd choose mr moneybags himself.

Wanna have kids before you're 30?
i dont know, ask me when i'm at the mother stage of my life. i think ill still be partying my life away. my mom thinks ill pop the first one out at 31.

Best advice you've ever given someone?
i don't rememeber the best but i always tell people do what you really feel like doing. i told my mom today do what makes you happy, even if its running around the neighborhood butt naked at 2 in the afternoon.

Name something you have to do tomorrow?
enjoy life.

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoo?
no, i'm satisfied.i can't think of a good tatoo to "deface" my body with right now and my lip piercinb has satisfied me

Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or back?
i sleep in the fetal position

What's something that annoys you when your sleeping by somebody?
i can't hear when i sleepso i guess stealing the cover's is a big no no and when you fight in your dreams and i happen to be next to you recieving the blows.

Are your eyes the same color as your mom's or dad's?
my mommma's eyes are blue. it'd be cool if i had those colors.i got my daddy's eyes

Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
a lot of the time. they say i have weird shaped eyes.or i get chinky!

What makes you laugh?
almost anything. dpeends on my mood.

How do you feel about chocolate covered strawberries?
i had them a couple times but the first time was the best.

Is there anything else to be interpreted from it?
if you aim at sex, i guess.

How do you vent anger?
uhhh, when i am angry i.....take a shower think evil thoughts and it boils down and i think why i'm really angry and it's usually stupid and i forget about it. this whole episode lasts about .5-4 hours

What are you looking forward to in the next month?
summer time, everything.SHEERBLISS

What was your first thought when you looked in the mirror this morning?
why is this outfit so ugly today, so then i went back in my room and redid the fit and pulled my hair out of the ponytail and left

Are you a morning person or a night person?
most deef a night.morning is my enemy

Who was your last received call on your phone?
dejuan- that was a definite spelling error.hahah

Do you drink tea?
grody maximus!

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
i dont show my weakness in front of anyone.

Any summer plans for 2008?
weekends in the summer are booked till school starts

What did you eat for lunch today?
i didnt eat lunch because i was at the storereading books

Do you still talk to any of your ex's?
no. that one guy disappeared off the face of the planet. i tell alyssa this and it's just so funny cos she wants me to CALL him. haha. yeah right.

If you had to drink 1 thing for the rest of your life, what?
strawberry soda.
sike probbaly water cos you can flavor it and what not
or mucho mango !

Name one good thing about MySpace?
i can find my friends from preschool on here! whoop
& old bestfriends.

Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?
no, ive never let my self go

Have you ever flirted with a friends crush?
hahaha no. all my friend's crushes are butt ugly.sorry :)

Do you hate the last girl you were talking to?
mmm i was talking to? id ont know.i'm out the looop right now

Do you like Winter time?
only around christmas.well wait, yeah! newyears

Something interesting happen lately?
uhh not interesting persay- just living life the way god intended

Do you have college plans?
no. and it's bugging me. i want to go to FIDM but if i dnt, i dont have aback up plan. aaah.

Are you mad at anyone?
not at all.just a little bothered, itll pass

Have you ever made out in a bathroom?
germs in the mouth and everywhere else you touch?!!
so not the sitch.hha

Do you think the last person you kissed is nice?
no, he's not. okay i lie. he's a sweetie pie sometimes.
he has pms issues though.

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?
i tasted some strawberry pop

When is the last time you cried?
unknown.i'm not a crying type person

Last text from:i dont phones in my napping place

Are you scared of spiders?most definitely.

When was the last time you were so drunk you threw up?
ewww yecuk.never sir

Do you miss anyone?
this one kidd's been on my mind but i dont know why
because we jsut friends homies and all that fits in that category but i think i miss the kidd, actually adult.

Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
lemme think, depends.if you're an old pervert man ill knock you outif you are of importance to me and you need something and you're trying to be sweet, it might work

What's irritating you right now?
oeople complaining about their life like they dont want it!

Is cheating ever okay?
no, just be honest or break up. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhot.

Are you afraid of the dark?
yes.only when there is no light at all though

Are you listening to music right now?
nope, i'm listening to tom and jerry on the tv.
where's my sister at she must be near

What is the last movie you saw in theaters?
kung fu panda!

Is there anyone you wish was still in your life?
still in my life? no ones been kicked out i dont think

Do you get distracted easily?
every 30 seconds

What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
replied to some text messages about the days' ahead

Is this year the best year of your life?
oh man, dont even get me started!
this is the best thing that's happened to me ever. ever ever.

Do you have any strange phobias?
no. nothing like pickles or hot dogs or anything.
i hate scars and blood.

Is it easier to forgive or forget?
neither, to forget i have to forgive.
to forgive i have to admit my downfall in the situation

Do you give out second chances too easily?
uhhh situations like that don't arise.

Are you jealous of someone?
sometimes i'm curious, but then i realize it's just annoyance, after all i AM fabulous.:)

Do you have a best friend?i do!

Would you live with someone without marrying them?i
think i will ALWAYs hve to live with someone, i can't live on my own, im too much of a scaredy cat for all of that

.Have you ever had a dream about people you love dying?
a couple times, i don't speak on it.

Have you ever shaved in the kitchen sink?
no, that' swhat the bathrooms for.
plus mydad will cuss me out

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have told you that they love you?
haahahahahah one. stupid whore.

Did they mean it?idont know.maybe i have that effect? i dont believe the bullllllllllllsh

Have you ever broken someone's heart?uhhhh not where we were together and i left them type broke heart i probably let peopl edown. it's just what i do sometimes. lo siento.

"are we at the library?"

"no, but still be quiet cos it's like an expensive library! "

haha i took my sister to half price books and barnes and noble today so i could swoop me a few summer reads. i ended up reading all the books i wanted to buy in the store and just buying an SAT study guide so i can restudy for the SAT and take it agian in october or whenever it is. which reminds me i need to register for that and the ACT. why am i taking these tests if i KNOW i'm going to FIDM they don't care about that. i'll be extremely bitter if iend up going to a college like the UW. i'm not hating, i just don't want to go into any careers the UW can help me with. now if i wanted to be a nurse... another story. quality time with my sister is amust; except the lady in the bookstore kept telling her how much she looked like her mommy (me) ha if i ever had a child! before i left i worked in the daycare, we made cute chalk drawins on the deck. i love little kids when i'm in a good mood, they keep me young and youthful. & they're very inspiring. alexis told me about her chalk drawin, it was my mom at her wedding and how my dad turned into icecream and melted into popsicle sticks or something. hahha. oh yeah i forgot to mention i completely embarrased myself grocery shopping, but wht's new i do it on a daily basis. i gained my cool points back 3 minutes later- maybe. which also reminds me a trip to safeway is in need before thursday :)

define a woman

so as i ponder ideas for my line of all things fabulous i come across the idea that i want it to represent women, hence i looked for synonyms for the word woman. along with the synonyms came a definition which made me wonder if the definition of a woman has really changed. they defined a woman as an adult female person who plays a significant role (wife, misstress or girlfriend) to a particular man. and one of the synonyms was a charwoman and the definition of her is a human female employed to do housework.
crazy stuff. so whats a woman?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

& i'm in love

These pants are TOO official. my mistake, shorts. i'm in love. these inspire me to start sewing again. summer 2008, sorry for the selfishness but it's GOT TO be about ME. i need to get my life together, because i was looking at my sat score today and i realized i only have 8 months until i am an adult. crazyness. and if i want to get into fidm i need to hop on the ball about my scholarships, internships and everything else. tommorow i'm pickin up an SAT book, some fabric, pattern designs and ima hop to it and do it. thank you gold shorts for inspiring me to be more fabulous :) whooooop.

Fresh out thee box

so if you read a previous post made on july 5th you would get a glimpse into the lives of 4 of the greatest teenagers alive on this earth right now. None of em are famous but all of em have such elaborate skills you'd think they were masters of design. if you put the 4 brains of them together trouble is always present. So of course i'm talking about my crew, formerly and currently (for now) known as FOTB. yeah, we a band, so what? we just coo like that. but one of the members recently wrote a tribute to us, like we were dead, ha. anyways so i guess it's my turn to speak my piece about my friends and family. these 3 other females i know are the closest ones friends i have to me (not meant to hurt others who are friends :) ) i spend about 80% of my life with them, really no lie. we do everything together, without them i think i'd be one of those kids who go home after school, stay home on weekends and wish they could see more of the outside world. everyweeekend we find something crazy and random to do. ie: bike riding around town at 4 in the morning, parties, night time rendezvous, camping on the deck, planning the weekend events at the mafia table in my house and so much more but idont wanna put everything on blast out here, you can't make blogs private haha. so anyways my friends are thee best people ever even though they make me so mad and i threaten to kill them a lot. i stilll love them like family- well.... sometimes
sooooo we'll go from longest known to shortest known

codename- whatever we give her at the moment
Jobtitles: friend finder, complainer & idea planner

-somehow from 6th grade to now we've metamorphasized into twins, how i don't know. you are the one who causes me the most problems out of the group. i remmeber when we first became friends, we fought on the daily. and we'd plan eachothers demise. now, we are all grown up now, well not really cos we're still childish but we don't fight as much. & it feels oh so nice. remember the other day when we just kicked it us two? that was craazy cos we never do that. its always atleast threee of us. you're the one who always wanna do bad stuff in my presence but when we be at your house we can't do nothing. you be tryna get me caught up and don't tryna help! haha but enough about the okay things- the better things, remember when.... dang i can't think of anything good right now. everything we do we gfight about and in the end we always look backja nd say good memories. our friendships a goood memory all together.

code name- thomas & token
Job title: terrorist, clowner & cheaapy.

-the terrorist in the group. i met you 2nd cos you're courtneys bestfriend. we calll you token out of love even though you hate it with a passion. eveyrhint you do is comical, EVERYTHING. every fight you get into, every conversation story and everything. thomas is the closest one to me in attitudes, the other 2 are boy crazy girls and me and you are the one who constantly clown on everything we pass by. being freshout the boxx made us closer to you thomas cos no one really knew you except courtney and now you're the terrorist who brings bombs with us wherever we go. you're the best cos you're ALWAYS down for anything, parties and what not, you have no parental leash like me :) token is the hype man in the band cos she's a crazy one who refuses to rap.

Danielle M
job title- singer, crazy lunatic and moocher. :)

- you're last but i dont know if you're least. we always call ya beastly and you never have a problem with it, it's funny. you are the crazy one even though iknow we are all crazy, we think you're extra cos you have different personalities and it's hilarious to watchwhen they come out in the group. mcdeezy my beezy is the one always worried about time and doing something, you and your hyperactive self! :) you have a short fuse at times and i always go off on you! i try to toughen you up but i'd say you were like the emotional one in the group. i dont think any of us show our feelingsp, well courtney maybe but you are the one who is the feeling sharer or whatever haha. you're the one in the group who is a daydreamer , when you aren't beinga lunatic in the street you're a mellow emotional kidd and that's why we kick it with you, you're different but the same as us. it's funny when you get let out of the house when we kick it cos you got the loudest mouth out of all of us and i dont think i'd picture that. when you go crazy you have no limits, i remember when you ran around my house naked; you're the only person i'd know who'd do that. me and takeda love messing with you and i find it so funny when you and takeda fight. it brings tears of joy to my eyes. hahaha.

so basically were just a bunch of kidds in teenagers bodies who love to party and have fun
& that's the crew, alot of it may sound negative but nothing about it is. all of the so called negatives is what makes us friends. because if we were all positive, emotional and the same we'd get on eachothers nerves and never be friends. the one thing we all do have in common is the fact that we really truely are crazy. and when one of us has a problem some how we all take on that problem and we solve the issue. we never leave another one hanging (well atleast for not very long) we beef with eachother but within a day we'll all be back to normal. we get on eachother's nerves but we have no problem sayin it to eachothers face. we've all created a tough love- type relationship as friends and gone through just about everything. without these hoes life just wouldn't be as interesting. and i know they love me :) i'd say we've all been down since day one, but honestly that's not how it was. we had to grow to like eachother because of our strange differences but now it's day 91383847294220438 we've been down for a good while. so catch us four on the walking, biking, bussing or stuntin in the whip through a hood near you real soon :)n the takeover has officially begun.

oh yeah; i love you hoes like no other hoes cos you MY hoes. haha :)

15 hours

i dont think i've ever slept so much in my life. 12 am to 3 pm. that's ridiculously long. i had a scary dreeam last night but i don't feel like writing about it. so i'm watching madea's class reunion, tyler perry is a funny funny man. so anyways, besides the sleep the weekend was great. i'm just waiting to go to block buster to get my freakin grey's anatomy fourth season so i can catch up! ahhh. i just read danielles blog about fresshouttheebox and ithink i should tribute a blog to them too since those ARE my favorite hoes :) ill make a new post to please the viewers :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

vicious trip

fourth of july was pretty fantastic. went to alki and reminded myself of how many people there are i don't care to see everyday. came home and lit off fireworks with theee crew well not really my parents did most of it and we just kicked itl. then we made more friends at the park up the street. aaaaaaaaand then we planned our mission. biking from my house to downtown. we stayed up till 4 am and pumped the bikes and then at 4 set off on our mission to thee town. i never knew how much pain bike riding causes! haha so we made it to georgetown and couldn't make it all the way to the destination so we pitstopped at courtney's house and walked up graham to beacon and rode through beacon to henderson, through the southend and back to my house. i coulda swore i'd never ride bikes through the southend. omg. i broke it. well we're getting our goals completed, minus the fact that i didn't go to the milk carton races today or the pirate landing. :( oh well. i think i've enjoyed myself, and i stayed up 24 hours straight for the first time i can remember! i'm up and doing big things. :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

i smell barbeque

today's the fourth of july, & in proof of my independence i decided to dye my hair witch black. it's quite nice, i'm waiting for it to dry so i can straighten it. there's so much to do yet i doubt i'ma end up doing any of it today. coulon alki parties? idk. so i guess we bought close to 200 dollars worth of fireworks, i hope ill be home for at least some of them. geez. well just wanted to blog real quick before i finish getting ready. oh how i love summer.
i can't find my camera charger :(

Thursday, July 3, 2008

my weakness

okay i give up. ima weak soul. ill make a new promise, i wont get on myspace and look at people's profiles unless they have a picture of me i need to get. thats beetter. strictly answering things and what not.

im baking the goods now. it's gonna be a great fourth of july :)

& i thought only mixed kidds were the devil

turns out myspace is the ultimate devil, and it's probably what makes mixed kidds so evil in the first place :) myspace is a breeding ground for secret relationships, random people you will never meet in your life, a place where fights first start and where they end. i think i'll be off of myspace for a while, matter of fact i think i'm going to try my best (hopefully it works) to stay off of myspace completely. people who use myspace get caught up in this never ending cycle of drama. it's reaaal ridiculous. besides, with all my time spent on myspace, i probably could've found a cure for cancer or aids! but i sit on myspace and talk to my friends and what not. i think that's what my cell phone is for callin me up so we can kick it. anyways, i think i'm just getting tired of people's fake-ness persay. people build false identities on myspace anyway; i dont mean creepy old men posing as 13 year old boys to lure to their house i'm speaking on females males and everything in between making their myspace profile so official and taking extremely cute pictures only to let the world be let down in real life that they're nothing like that. sometimes i think my myspace sheds a little of that light. everyone wants to be accepted,oh well. i'm over it. i'm going to start working on me and stop trying to be friendly to every accepted friend on myspace. i can't be your bestfriend over myspace anyway, i probably never will meet you either. ill still be open to new prospering friendships, it just won't have myspace attached somewhere in the background. it's a fresh start and i'mfeelinm reaal fresh right about now. i think it's time to get my life in order and my priorities straight. don't say good bye to the old adriana say hello to the new even MORE fabulous adriana, with new gadgets and toys. i'm like that cool new barbie you've always wanted. matching shoes and hand bag with a top-back pink convertible. i dont come with a ken though. just the fierce three matching outfits. ken's sold seperately but i dont look good with any of the ones that are sold seperately. sounds like this barbie needs a bubble bath in my hot pink dream house right about now.

so ill get on the internet to bloooog my life away, and to find new recipes- did i mention i'm going to start my baking career? off to the store at 2 today to get my ingredients. everyone's welcome to taste testing. :) i wont kill you promise- im good.
i think i'm in love with my life. :) matterof fact, i know.