Thursday, November 27, 2008


i haven't updated this blog in foreeeeeeeeever. 2 months or something crazy.
anywhoo, i just want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
I want to give my thanks to everyone that's in my life, was in my life etc because everyone has made an impact on me in one way or another
First on the list is my FAMILY.
even when i say i have the best family in the world that doesn't even match the truth of it all.
my family is truly THEE greatest ever! i've had the luxury to have both parents who love me whole heartedly. i have a little brother and sister and i couldn't be happier with my family. they have given me everything i've needed, and wanted plus more! sometimes i don't seem grateful, but my family is the best and i am SO thankful for them and my extended family as well haha.

Second on the list i am grateful for is my friends
even though i fight with my friends 24/7 i am grateful for them. i know sometimes i might expect too much but i realize no ones perfect, not even me haa. i learn to get over our differences and see that my friends are pretty cool and they're there for me for the most part. i'm glad i have so many friends and i'm blessed with friendships for days!

Third on the list is my life in general
when i say this it's not meant to be cocky but i am thankful for my life because i think i have the best life ever. Everything is in perfect order, i am able to be happy all the time, my family and friends are great and everything is just great.

so happy thanksgivin folks. :)

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