Tuesday, August 26, 2008

how i'm liviiin.

it feels stupendous. i dont know if i spelled it right, but that's how i'm feelin. just finished purchasing 7 new bags and a bronze bomber coat online and i'm feeling FABULOUS!
i don't think i've ever been so excited for school to happen, not the work but the excitement of senior year. more importantly i need to prepare for bumbershoot this weekend. find me there all 3 days for like 12 hours each day! i'ma volunteer, so fun :) just updating on my life.... and it's as its always been. speaking of which, when does my eyeshadow come in the mail?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


looks like it's that time of the year! this weekend has been the greatest and now i can't wait (yes i can!) till school starts! i loved this summer, it was most definietly my favorite but i'm ready for senior year. spending mass amounts of money was not my favorite thing to do this weekend but what i got in exchange will keep me happy for a while. Splurged today on coats when i went back to school shopping with my family today. 30 bucks isn't that bad for a coat right? it is when you buy 5 of them at one time. i had to have them in everycolor! speaking of which i need to purchase the others online cos they didnt have my size. and big news! i got my phone, it really is a dream come true it has everything you could possibly want. the instinct is thee best! it's been like christmas over here this weekend for me. ooh and bought a make up kit from ULTA today too. spendy spendy. but now i have low funds which means work work work this week! last FULL week of school. can't believe it. :(

Saturday, August 23, 2008


recapping what happened thursday:so again i helped with the little 6th grade monsters, now they're all ready for 6th grade how exciting. worked a bit and then returned to helping children later at night. i had the opportunity to welcome in the new kindergarteners for kimball elementary at their orientation. the little kids were too cute! it made me realized though i DEFINITELY don't wanna work with little kids though. they're very emotional and clingy, ill go for 6th grade and up. yesterday worked all day, i'm gettin PAID!
i will be heart broken if i come home later today without my new phone. my dad's taking me to get it. but we're doing all my favorite things today.
Jamboree for Football which means Foster football players will be having a carwash-CUTIES!!!
and then we're going shopping. how great a day. and of course some hardcore partying tonight since i'ts my last FREE weekend of summer. depressing....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6th grade camp!

so yesterday today and tommorow i'm volunteering my time to help 6th graders familiarize themselves with my old middleschool Asa Mercer (cos i have 0 hours of com service!) It's crazy being back there, i haven't really been back since 8th grade and almost ready to become an adult it's surreal. Meeting new little 6th graders is so refreshing because they haven't been introduced to the real world or to problems, their biggest problem today was probably who gets to the locker first and if they can accomplish actually opening it. I've thought about being a teacher for the last year and working with these 6th graders made me realize how much more i'd be open to the idea if my career in the fashion/business industry didn't work out (which it will!) Funniest part of my day was learning what a Texas wedgie is, why they call it a TEXAS wedgie i dont know, but apparently it's when you drop a match in someones pants and pull up their underwear like a normal wedgie. pure comedy! i'm actually even more excited than today and tommorow to work with the little 6th graders. there's about 80 of them and i've got down almost all their names. community service makes you feeeeel good. i wish i would've started earlier. only one year left :(

New Years eve

Randomly thinking into the future i've decided i HAVE to have a new years kiss, i dont care how i get it but i'm going to get it. right before i turn 18 tooo! planning early you could say. just got home from 6th grade camp! funniest kids ever at Mercer but ill blog more about that later. gotta work from 130 till whenver.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good

my husband is back! mmmm. whatta hottie!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

On the come up

Dreezy J baby got a new computer and i'm on thee upgrade. now i just need my new phone, ipod and camera and ill be good to go. i'm still bitter about them theives. this screen is so big it almost hurts my eyses. really, 22 inch screen? ridiculous! it's pretty cool though.
i keep not updating this thing! i'm getting so lazy about it. Friday i didn't do much that i sould mention, spent half of the time trying to get my nails done and the other celebrating courtney's birthday which reminds me i have to buy her a present! yesterday everyone was being weaaaak so i kicked it with cousin supreme-o. and that was about it. no elaboration on that part, except that the police were out to get us yet again! but its whatevs.
and today i haven't done anything but clean, i'm still in my pajamas. i found out my good friends going to FIDM too! how fabulous. and uhhh, thats about it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


fresh new hair cut. it seems you can never really tell when i cut my hair, i guess cos there's so much. but when its straight and you were keen to detail you'd tell my hair was cut. it's nice and layer-y. haha. ooh ooh going to the beach with my momma tommorow and swing by thee mall and what not. i'm gonna go sit and watch episodes of tyra and eat fruit snacks. an eventful night. whoooopeeey.

wednesday mornings

today's wednesday right? so i think this is the first bowl of cereal i've had all summer. except the time i had nasty spoiled milk but i guess that doesn't count. spongebob is one funny cartoon. so i work today 2-5 and then i'm getting my hair cut! so danielle told me the other day that we had to take our picture by september 26 and i never believe anything anyone says cos it's usually wrong but she was right! i looked at the school papers and you need to get them done by thee 26th. i'm just losin money left and right over here. not to mention grad ads. i need to shell out 250 dollars for that too. senior year hasn't even started and i already feel i'm negative BROKE. upside; i finally figured out a couple options for my senior project. hopefully one of them works because it's reaaaly coool. haha. now i need to study for SATs and get all this humanity things together! i smell school right around the corner; so depressing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have my instincts.

about thee instinct! this phone is FABULOUS. especially compared to the phone i've had since sophomore year. i'm tooo pumped to get it. only 229.00 i hvae to shell out for this cutie. and i have to change my plan, but it's worth it. the guy in the sprint store let me play with it and i'm hooked. i just pray that when i get it i won't break the screen since it's all touch screen. ooooooooooooooh i'm excited!

august 12th

i got dressed today for no reason. and spent 1.75 on the bus for no reason too! (yeah i'm cheap so what?! ) i'm all dressed and what not, i was tryna kick it. no one informed me tuesday is the day everyone has plans made already day. geez! now i'm sitting at home @ 3 oclcok waitin for someone to kick it with me. i'm debating whether or not to go shopping. i'm cooking dinner tonight. whooop. so i got off the bus today and it was pay as you leave so it was 1 oclock and i asked for a transfer in hopes of me leaving the house again. the bus driver gave me a transfer until 2. i'm pretty sure transfers are supposed to be like 3 hours long. especially because they raised thebus prices....

so i guess i'ma sit here and listen to love songs haha

Monday, August 11, 2008


i'm off to courtney's! went to the doctor today. still cant 'find that eyeshadow!
terribly mad. whomp whomp whomp. thomas leaves thursday

Sunday, August 10, 2008


ooohweeee. slufffin on the internet. hahaah that's a good thing though. mean's i'm accomplishing things in life. today i went through withdrawal issues. but i wont go into details. this weekend was okay, nothing exciting. didn't go to the party friday in fear of my life (whats wrong with the world!) so kicked it in kent and kicked it in kent again on saturday night and seen one of the funniest movies ever. pineapple express is a must see! so hurry up and go see it! watching the olympics at home. backstroke competition! going to bed early so i can wake up and work. need the cash for my stash.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rest in Peace

It's horrible to think another life has been taken.
when i heard about it i was devastated, it gets closer and closer to home each time and i pray theirs no more deaths because i feel like it just keeps getiting closer and closer to home. i know i didn't know you personally but i always thought it was funny when i'd see you on the bus and 80 percent of the time you'd never pay bus fare and bus drivers would be so brittle about it. Went to middle school with you but we weren't friends. i just knew about you cos you was around i guess. it breaks my heart just for the family and friends who were close to you. rest in paradise with the numerous others who have lost their lives the past year.
my heart goes out to all those who have lost their loved ones


so going into the vacation i was thinking- oh man, this is going to be the longest 3 days of my life- dont get me wrong, i looove mi familia but we are a bunch of crazy people with crazy personalities that don't always get along all too welll. but it ended up beinga prettty funny trip down to the ocean. we ended up staying an extra night (supposed to come home yesterday) but it was all gravy. met some new people and i learned that i could never live in a small city like that, everyone knows everyone and there are no parties! mass ridiculous. i rode my first motorcycle type vehicle this weekend too! my families learned to get along better. sad thing, i got food poisioning or somethign last night and it's lasted into today, all bad.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Covergirl cosmetics

this right here is goign to be the death of me, i was reading a magazine a couple of months ago and i was EXCITED to see my favorite rainbow colors in an add for covergirl. yeaaaah, i'm pretty much a girly girl and i DO love dressing up and looking prettty. so i just HAVE to have these eyeshadows. these are part of their new line of eye enhancers, arent they just so cute! problem is i can't find them anywhere and ever since i seen them in the magazine i can't find the tropical fusion (on top) anywhere! i've been patiently waiting and i realized rite aid has these buy one get one free and they're only 5 bucks! that means 2 of these cute things for 5 bucks but they don't have them in stock. these are going to be the death of me, i can't find you anywhere! i'm determined to find them though. i got a rain check and everything :) ill start wearing cute eyeshadow and dressing up more once i get these!


so it CLEARLY says a place for FRIENDS, not enemies, hoes, ego boosting, or cyber bullying. i think myspace has completely gone out of control! i'm not anti myspace, i could never be because i log on a bunch. but i tell you one thing, i am NOT on myspace to add 10 billion people i dont know. i do admit ill accept a friend request even if i dont kow you, i dont know it's just whatever to me. nothinge super personal about me and ill be your acquaintance if you want to be. but i HATE people who have a myspace they have 12034 friends but on their page they have the audasity to say "dont add me if you're not going to comment me, my billions of pictures, or if you're a stupid hoe" HAHA i'm confident 80 percent of those people are 1 or the other. i dont think it's very healthy either when people NEED picture comments! yeah sure their nice and i'll admit i've said i have new pictures, usually cos they're funny or something interesting but i dont personally send a comment to each person on my friends saying COMMENT MY NEW SEXY PIC( & not because i dont have any haha) myspace has gone balistic. this isn't a hate on myspace, i love myspace i've found my old bestfriends and kept in contact but people who "whore" myspace's are just annoying and their profiles they write be so bitter at the world. why would i want to be your friend and feed into your large built up ego about yourself. i dont need to put any person i DONT know on a pedestal. alll bad. just another observation. but i do applaud those who have cute pictures! aint nothing wrong with tryna have a cute profile and cute yaself up for some myspace photos :)
ooh another thing i've noticed, alot of older adult couples and OTHERs have met on myspace. i've met people on myspace but i think i'm kind of old fashioned and think it's kind of odd to talk to someone online (yeah its fine) but then make a date and go out or go to their house or something to that affect. i guess i'm not up to date with modern civilization. i think i was born in the 50s or something :) sorrry boys.

growing up

i'm not up on the computer buzz lately... beeen pretty out the looop.
i've come to the realization summer's changed me, i think i'm growin up. i've noticed my flaws, i'm trying to cope with em and change myself for the better even if i dont want to. it's kind of hard, stick to what i stand for and stop trying to do what others want me to do.
i'm learning to become more independent-
you dont want to kick it? that's fine i can go out on my own and have fun.
you won't ask a question for me? that's coo, ill stand up and possibly embarass myself.
you think what i'm doing is wrong? that's also coo, that's why i'm doing me and learnign from my mistakes. ill learn eventually, dont worrry sweetie :)

and a big accomplishment i'm trying to reach is to be more openended and stop"judging" my friends. if you're reading this and don't know me, dont worry i'm not rude or stuck up... i'ma coo kid go look at my myspace! haha. but this is to my friends, i keep watchingtalk shows(tyra!) and i see so many episodes of others judging eachother and it has harsh effects on others self esteem. so to my friends, i'm sorry, truly am. ill try REAL hard to stop crucially judging you for what you do and who you are cos i know i wouldn't someone on me like that. i'm just tryna look out for you, i dont want my bestfriends to be down and out because of soemthing i could've possibly prevented. ill stop! promise. :) well ill try....

AND last one is i'm trying to find my heart... i seem to not have one, or so i've been told. i won't brush stuff off so much. i'm not gonna wear my heart on my sleeve but if it's necesarry i might show you i have a heart and i DO care.... i dont know whats wrong with me, i just dont emotionally attach myself to anythingliving. i just CANT. ill try to open my heart and not my mind or mouth so much.

lets see what happens with all of this....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

oh well.

so i'm supposed to blog everday on here, well that's my goal and i haven't been keeping up for a few days just because of my teeth and because i'm trying (once again) to avoid myspace as much as possible just cause i feel like it brings unwanted drama which i do not need nor want.
life has hit a dull point, a very long flat point where there's nothing to do. i want to have fun and be happy, that's EXACTLY what i live for. but no one else seems to be living for a similar thing therefore there's nothing to do. i love my city but it's kind of boring. by 10 oclock everyone's in there house ready to go to bed and this is a saturday night! & it's sad because i'm too young to hit the club, only 7 more months though and im on it! there isn't really a point to this blog as you can tell, just catchin up with life's thoughts. i have a lot of thoughts but feelings are scarce. i'm starting to wonder why. i'm trying to tweak my life you know, start caring about people and not end up saying oh well to every bad situation i encounter. i guess it's my coping mechanism- "OH WELL." oh well.... see there i go again. my goal for the end of the year is to find my heart.... well its in my chest i'm just going to find it some feeling... or maybe i'm just saying this because i've hit the dul point of the summer. we'll see how i feel in a week or so. i switch up alot. i'm off to go find something to do with my life for now.