Sunday, December 7, 2008

taking the challenge.

so i was in the shower about a half hour ago and i was sitting there thinking about the last week and how "ok" it went for me. i was thinking about how when i tell my mom somethings wrong with me, i get a pimple, my neck hurts, or some random thing she always asks me if i'm stressed and my automatic answer is no, why would i be streessed. but as i was in the shower thinking, i think i am stressed and i hate it so much. i think i stress myself out with random thoughts sometimes. now i don't want to put the blame on anyone, but i think if i cut out my electronic lifei would be much less stressed. for one it takes up a large amount of my life, texting, computer, online shopping, phone conversations. so back to the shower scene, so i was like, i should do the scenario the UW app asked about, how would you be if you were "unplugged" for a year.... blah blah blah. so i won't go as extreme as a year but i'm going to challenge myself to no phone computer etc until friday, only cos i need my phone for friday's activities. and see if my stress levels are down. so i guess this will be my only blog for the week.
hopefully ill learn something new this week, find a job i dont know, make myself a whole lot more accomplished in life.
School- get my grades fixed, do homework etc
Fashion club- Fix it up, get it correct. work towards my life goals.
Family- i think i'm neglecting them, i should stop going out
adriana- transform myself overall. get on the positive side of life.
Friends- i need to figure out my situation with them, i still am lost.

i'm 100% sure i need this right now, it's like freedom finally.

so goodbye computer, ill see you next monday.