Monday, June 30, 2008

heat causing pms?!

why is it Whenever a girl cops an attitude or gets mad guys automatically assume we're pms-ing. can't we just be mad because YOU did something WRONG not just having our time of the month. ha, it's quite funny (bt not when i'm mad) that guys are so simple, there is only one answer to all the questions in the world. lately, i've noticed boys have caught thee PMS syndrome, they act real crybaby shady and clingy especially they're tempers! if you ask them one too many questions, or for a legit reason they will get A. emotional B. extremely angry or C. guilty. it's all boys too, friends family and everything inbetween. maybe it's the extreme heat we're experiencing in rainy seattle they can't cope with new changes. don't worry boys, i'm not bggin on you. i still love you hairy beasts, just stop acting so much like females. thats why we keep you around, so we can get away from our bitter girlfriends every once in a blue moon. :)

-on a brighter note- i visited the aquarium today, 15 smackaroos for an adult, it wasn't all that exciting, i seen a giant octopus and some swiming seals. def wouldn't pay full price unless it was my first time and i didn't for either. :)

so i think i'm liking summer a whole lot this year. its been theeegreatest! i've never done so much in my life so my plans for the summer are don't worry so much about whats going to happen but what's happening right now,i think that's a good motto for my summer. on that note i'm going to go lay down watch some reality tv eat some watermelon and try to enjoy the heat. tommorows a new day, well see what comes along then. i got a good tan today too. things are just so happy happy joy joy.

pride fest

i totally forgot to write yesterday, i had the website open and everything but never got around to actually writing. its 7 oclcok in the morning 732 to be precise so i believe that to still be early enough to be yesterday. yesterday was one of the best days ever, well not happening to me but it was just great to see people have so much fun. pride fest is pretty awesome. i think its the only day when guys can get away with wearing nothing but condoms. me takeda and antonio attended the fest watched the parade from 11 to 2 then traveled to seattle center for the after party. i have to say that was one of the better parties i've been too. who knew you could dance however you wanted at 2 in the afternoon to techno music. there's always interesting souls wherever i go. i took a picture with this guy in the parade; i'm jealous, he was prettier than me. hahha. okay well its now 735, i should really be sleeping but early mornng trips to the aquarium are hindering my ability to do so. blog more when i come home from the aquarium! whooop :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer time sir!

so i decided i should start posting about my summer life, home life and everything inbetween during the summer. i mean, since i have nothing else to do at 11 oclcok in the morning.
i woke up at about 10 oclcok this morning, i dont know what ws running through my mind but i thought i'd be nice and cook breakfast for my lovely family; clearly i was wrong. its 1140 and my dad woke up 10 minutes ago. for those 10 minutes i've been yelled at, no thanks for the breakfast adriana? haha yeah right.
it's really hot today, time for that good ol tanning on the deck. :)
summertime has had a great start so far.