Thursday, September 11, 2008


yeah me too, but that's not what i was originally going to talk about.
i'm here to question the roles in friendship and question what is a healthy friendship?
does it consist of happy people, who you think are putting up a front, or does it consist of naggers and BS talkers? i guess it all depends on what type of person you are. but i know one thing its NOT, its NOT breaking down other people to make yourself feel better.
i'm sorry if you have low selfesteem or issues, but to bring that into someone elses is life is just plain RUDE. instead of telling people whats wrong with them because you feel bad and you need to break down a completely happy person so there on your level so you have a friend to complain with is sad. These kind of friendships/relationships shouldn't exist. There's no point, it makes the world a big place of hate and evil when it should be positive with dancing rainbows and unicorns. i just don't know, people are funny now and forever. whatever it takes to get to the top i guess... but my next question is, where is the "top" you speak about?

Back to school special

ahhh, back in school and fully enrolled, how NOT exciting it is to go to school. figure i'd catch up on my life while i wait for Elvin to pick me up...
so basically school sucks, like to the extreme to the billionth power if that made any sense. i'm trying to make the best out of it though because it is my last year of highschool because i'ts supposed to be "magical" and bs. last week school was okay i guess, didn't do much my favorite part of school and retreat friday night with my ASB familiy :) i never thought i could have so much fun playing thee randomest games.
Saturday was football game again Garfield, of course they lost, 32-7. whomp whomp whomp and then school started on monday and its sucked ever since then. feel like i'm just living life to live it and nothing else.
i need to get started on my senior project ideas since mine got SHOT DOWN yesterday. and scholarships and apps are calling, not to mention sat's and act's.
but... ill wait till im ready.
GOLFS TODAY! whoop whoop.
that was the shortest recap of a week i could do.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

good morning senior year

i graduate this year. saying that is so crazy, i remember sitting in ms bertucci's class 7th and 8th grade talking to sonia teresa and elaine and how the thought of driving is ridiculously crazy. me and sonia have started driving and the next step is graduating! To all the people older than me i keep hearing," aww the baby, you're making too much out of your senior year, i already did that, im better than you." i just wanna have fun my senior year okay!? can i live as courtney would say. anywhoo, i'm blogging at 807 am because i guess school doesnt start until 10 and i woke up at 730 to do laundry and now i'm partially ready to go. Senior year has gotta be it! i'm ready, gotta do everything possible. look out for me this year, ill be doin big big big thaaaangs :)
going to go pick up courntey in 40 minutes and its off to school to change my schedule...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


this has been thee BEST summer all of my life, maybe just cos i'm getting older but i dont know, i dont think i could've ever had this much fun in my life, haha okay so i'm making it sound better than it was but that's how you'd compare to the others. i havent' been blogging daily just because i've been busy and i use internet on my phone which does NOT support blogger, boo! but oh well. i went to bumbershoot this last weekend to volunteer saturday sunday and never showed up monday, it was pretty whatever. that was some intense work! haha, not really, just boring. me and takeda had a talk about how we could never have real jobs becasue we coudln't stand being there only after an hour and a half oh starts tommorow! how exciting, not really. i'm goign to be a senior oh shoot, gotta do it big. which reminds me i''m sluffin on my senior pictures which have yet to be scheduled ughhh, anywhoo let me just repost my bulleting on here because i dont feel like retyping out how great my summer really was...
you were the best summer that ever happened to me: RECAP TIME! you brought me:long nights of partying,eventssitting in safeways parking lot @3am,eating dennys cos it was the only thing opentrips to kent constantlynew weirdo friends, && whomp whomp whoooooomp, so much more.summer's been fabulous .....and now back to jail tommorow.... and i still dont have a binder ughhh i guess it's time to get ready for schoool. a phrase i'm oh so keen to using. :(