Wednesday, September 3, 2008

good morning senior year

i graduate this year. saying that is so crazy, i remember sitting in ms bertucci's class 7th and 8th grade talking to sonia teresa and elaine and how the thought of driving is ridiculously crazy. me and sonia have started driving and the next step is graduating! To all the people older than me i keep hearing," aww the baby, you're making too much out of your senior year, i already did that, im better than you." i just wanna have fun my senior year okay!? can i live as courtney would say. anywhoo, i'm blogging at 807 am because i guess school doesnt start until 10 and i woke up at 730 to do laundry and now i'm partially ready to go. Senior year has gotta be it! i'm ready, gotta do everything possible. look out for me this year, ill be doin big big big thaaaangs :)
going to go pick up courntey in 40 minutes and its off to school to change my schedule...

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