Tuesday, September 2, 2008


this has been thee BEST summer all of my life, maybe just cos i'm getting older but i dont know, i dont think i could've ever had this much fun in my life, haha okay so i'm making it sound better than it was but that's how you'd compare to the others. i havent' been blogging daily just because i've been busy and i use internet on my phone which does NOT support blogger, boo! but oh well. i went to bumbershoot this last weekend to volunteer saturday sunday and never showed up monday, it was pretty whatever. that was some intense work! haha, not really, just boring. me and takeda had a talk about how we could never have real jobs becasue we coudln't stand being there only after an hour and a half oh well.school starts tommorow! how exciting, not really. i'm goign to be a senior oh shoot, gotta do it big. which reminds me i''m sluffin on my senior pictures which have yet to be scheduled ughhh, anywhoo let me just repost my bulleting on here because i dont feel like retyping out how great my summer really was...
you were the best summer that ever happened to me: RECAP TIME! you brought me:long nights of partying,eventssitting in safeways parking lot @3am,eating dennys cos it was the only thing opentrips to kent constantlynew weirdo friends, && whomp whomp whoooooomp, so much more.summer's been fabulous .....and now back to jail tommorow.... and i still dont have a binder ughhh i guess it's time to get ready for schoool. a phrase i'm oh so keen to using. :(

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