Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to school special

ahhh, back in school and fully enrolled, how NOT exciting it is to go to school. figure i'd catch up on my life while i wait for Elvin to pick me up...
so basically school sucks, like to the extreme to the billionth power if that made any sense. i'm trying to make the best out of it though because it is my last year of highschool because i'ts supposed to be "magical" and bs. last week school was okay i guess, didn't do much my favorite part of school and retreat friday night with my ASB familiy :) i never thought i could have so much fun playing thee randomest games.
Saturday was football game again Garfield, of course they lost, 32-7. whomp whomp whomp and then school started on monday and its sucked ever since then. feel like i'm just living life to live it and nothing else.
i need to get started on my senior project ideas since mine got SHOT DOWN yesterday. and scholarships and apps are calling, not to mention sat's and act's.
but... ill wait till im ready.
GOLFS TODAY! whoop whoop.
that was the shortest recap of a week i could do.

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